Keep your staff up to date

Trench makes it easy to keep your organization up to date with the latest internal news and information. Get started Learn more

How it works

1. Write

Write all your news and information for your staff in a single place.

2. Publish

The information is received using their preferred delivery method.

3. Relax

Watch the news spread within your organization.

...and as a bonus

Everything is neatly gathered on your own news site so everyone knows where to find it.


Your own news site

Trench automatically sets up your own private news site that is easily accessible to readers.

Over 10+ channels at once

Readers can choose to get their news delivered from a multitude of different channels such as e-mail, sms and messaging apps.


Integrates with over 20 different tools such as intranets, chat systems, mobile messaging platforms and much more.

Urgent notifications

Send urgent information that bypasses news digests and goes straight to recipients.

Get suggestions

Readers can submit their own news as suggestions or complete articles, ready for you to write or publish.


Get insight into what gets read and when, making it easy optimize articles to maximize the intake of information.

Multiple editors

Do you need to give multiple people access to write news? No problem, with Trench there are no limits.

Digital signage

Display the latest news on screens around your office to maximize your reach.


Free* Standard Plus
All basic features
Unlimited news archive
User sync (LDAP, Google Apps etc.)
Per recipient per month 0 1 1.5

* for up to 20 recipients


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